Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mark Bittman Rant

Considering an era has passed since my last blog post I feel like I should clean up my act and start posting regularly. This probably means nothing because I am most likely the only person who reads this blog. Regardless, I feel I should pick up where I left off and tear Bittman a new one. After listening to his TED talk I felt a little awkward, because i thought that he had a good view on food consumption in the United States. Wrong. He advocated eating less meat. This is not any better, not the solution. Anytime that animal products are consumed, someone, somewhere, is continuing to exploit animals and treat them like commodities. Infuriated with myself for being tricked into thinking that this was better, I am writing this post to clear my conscience. The major problem with peoples outlook on animal rights is the thought that there is a humane way to "produce" meat and dairy. it is still speciesism. It is still exploiting animals. Humane treatment of soon to be dead animals is just a way for people, who usually understand the problems with factory farming and animal cruelty, feel better about consuming animals and animal products. As veganFreak always quote : Happy meat. No such thing. The point is that eradicating animal exploitation is the sole purpose of ethical veganism and Mark Bittman is still misunderstanding that the true answer to most food problems in the United States is veganism.

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  1. i can't wait to see pics of what we eat everyday. i agree with your rant