Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Vegan CHeesy Garlic Bread

So tonight i decided to try and reinvent some of my favorites from the past. Cheesy garlic bread( sans puss laden hormone filled dairy) that mimiced very closely to a good old greasy pizza place ( say little ceaser's or possibly higher class like Giordano's). A loaf of good crusty multigrain bread, roasted garlic, EB( earth balance) and some follow your heart mozzarrella. Absolutely delicious. A salad with ranch and a small bowl of delicious cream of broccoli soup to finish it off. To my lovely girlfriends delight i enchanted her taste buds with the oh so familiar cheesy bread. THen i got off to finish up on the studies that haunt my future. Sorry no pictures or recipes for my first blog but many to come soon.

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