Friday, February 13, 2009

Busy times but the kitchens still open

So I have been a little lazy and busy lately, but mostly lazy, and have neglected this blog. In part because I'm busy and lazy, partly because I feel like only one person reads it.

However, my friend and I have been think of starting a bread baking business that delivers by bicycle. We would deliver reasonably priced whole grain bread on our bikes to people in the town. Pretty cool idea, and I hope we do well.

Here's a few pics of loaves I have been making. I refuse to buy bread anymore.

Multi grain Boule and sandwich loaf

Sourdough Baguettes

As for dinners, they have usually been of the quick kind.

fettuccine Alfredo with broccoli and fried tofu.
Ingredients for this one are just 1/2 package fettuccine cooked al dente, 3 tbs pasta water, 4 tbsp butter, 1/2 cup vegan Parmesan, and steamed broccoli.
The tofu was fried for the orange tofu below. Coated in arrowroot then shallow fried in canola oil.

Orange Tofu with broccoli and brown rice
the sauce is from vegan menu. The broccoli was steam separately, the tofu was fired separately, then stir-fryed with the sauce. So amazing.

Coriander Crusted Seitan, Masala Potatoes, Cashew Curry Gravy, Cumin spiced beluga lentils

This one was so good. Indian inspired dishes are my fave.

I just took a package of seitan coated in crushed coriander, bay leaves, salt, pepper, and masala powder. Sauteed in olive oil. Yukon gold potatoes boiled, mashed with turmeric, mustard seeds, EB and salt. Lentils cooked til done, spiced with cumin salt and pepper. The gravy is like pure gold. I soaked raw cashews for about an hour, blended them with salt, nutrional yeast, curry powder, sage, paprika, coconut milk, salt and pepper. Very rich, but incredibly delicious.

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