Monday, October 12, 2009

Vegan Club Sandwich

Tonight's dinner was another quick one. I fried up some homemade seitan bacon and some green tomatoes to make this club a little more special than your average sandwich. The sandwich was completed with vegenaise, romaine lettuce and hickory smoked Tofurky slices. I served it with some sweet potato fries and romesco sauce.This is a great weeknight meal for those of you who are busy or just don't feel like cooking a whole bunch.

Club Sandwich

5 strips seitan or other fakin bacon
1 greenish tomato
a few slices good quality seitan turkey slices
couple pieces romaine lettuce
whole wheat sandwich bread

Get a pan hot and splash a bit of olive oil in there. Fry the fakin bacon on both sides until crispy and browned. Sear the firm green tomatoes on both sides and season with salt and pepper. Make sure you don't over cook these because they will fall apart on you. Toast your bread, slather both pieces with vegenaise and stack the ingredients in the sandwich. 


  1. Man, i haven't had a club sandwich in the 9 years i've been vegetarian.. I must try this. Do you make your seitan bacon at home? I have some vital wheat gluten, but so far I've only used it to make chickpea cutlets. any recipe suggestions? thanks, trinity

  2. Hi Trinity,
    I have a recipe in the works for seitan bacon, but I usually forget to write down any of the recipes from the kitchen. Its basically wheat gluten, chickpea flour, spices, liquid smoke and veggie stock. I baked it in a loaf pan like susans ribz recipe then thinly slice it and fry it up. I hope this helps until I get more organized.

  3. Yum! I love a vegan club sandwich.